Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) chairperson Lyn Mengich: No Salary Increment For Civil Servants As Gov’t Seeks To Tame High Wage Bill

Civil servants will not see an increase in their monthly salaries, as employers have been advised against doing so in order to manage a high wage bill. The decision was conveyed during the 3rd National Wage Bill Conference held at the Bomas of Kenya, where Lyn Mengich, Chairperson of the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC), emphasized the importance of achieving fiscal sustainability and harmonization.

Mengich highlighted the need for affordability and fiscal sustainability in collective bargaining negotiations, advising employers not to entertain salary reviews unless there is a demonstrated ability to afford and sustain such adjustments. She stressed the importance of all institutions operating within the 50th percentile mid-point in salary offerings, urging those below this threshold to expedite their efforts to reach it.

Under this payment method set by the SRC, if a public servant’s salary falls below the mid-point, the employer is advised to adjust it accordingly to align with the required or near-median level.

Echoing similar sentiments at the conference, Head of Public Service Felix Koskei urged patience among public servants, acknowledging the economic challenges the government faces. He emphasized the need for fiscal prudence, noting the government’s inability to allocate additional funds for civil servant salaries due to the burden of a high wage bill.

President William Ruto has previously underscored the importance of financial restraint, particularly in regard to healthcare professionals’ salaries. He emphasized that there would be no further allocation of funds beyond what the Treasury has already earmarked. Ruto urged doctors to accept the current offer before it is rescinded, as the government grapples with limited resources.

Despite these appeals, doctors have remained resolute in their nationwide strike until their salary demands, among other grievances, are addressed.