Pastor Ezekiel Odero Praises Wife for Sitting on Plastic Chair Like Congregants: “Hakuna Kiti Special” -

Pastor Ezekiel Odero Praises Wife for Sitting on Plastic Chair Like Congregants: “Hakuna Kiti Special”

Pastor Ezekiel Odero commended his wife for her humility, remarking that she chooses to sit on simple plastic chairs alongside their congregation.

The religious leader was apprehended on April 27 on charges of alleged indoctrination and the unfortunate deaths of some church members. He was subsequently detained in police custody for a period of seven days.

On April 28, Ezekiel was brought before the court, and Pastor Sarah stood by him in a show of support.

Throughout the court proceedings, Sarah appeared sorrowful, donning her customary red and white gown that she typically wears during church services.

Reflecting on his time in custody, Ezekiel shared, “The moment I realized that Pastor Sarah truly loves me was when I was informed that I would spend 30 days in jail.”

He also recounted his experience of spending seven days in prison, sleeping on the floor, while acknowledging the decent treatment he received from the police.

Moreover, the devoted man of God expressed his admiration for his wife’s choice to sit on ordinary plastic chairs, just like their congregants. He highlighted that unlike in many other churches where preachers’ wives are treated as royalty, no special seating arrangement is made for her.

Pastor Sarah offered insights on marriage, urging women to maintain a prayerful disposition in order to nurture lasting relationships. The mother of three emphasized that a substantial dowry does not guarantee the longevity of a marriage, dismissing those who place excessive importance on costly dowries.

“I have been married to Pastor Ezekiel for 17 years now. He paid two goats as my dowry, which he received as a gift from a friend. Dowry is not what defines a marriage; it is the spiritual connection,” she asserted.

Sarah further revealed that people often inquired about when her husband would pay a “proper dowry,” but she remained unfazed by such queries.

Addressing the topic of dowry payment, Ezekiel, while speaking to his congregation, disclosed his intention to offer numerous cows as dowry and requested that Sarah ask her mother to secure a larger piece of land.

“Do you think I should bring ten cows? I fear that the media might publish my story in the newspaper. First, her mother must relocate. Sarah, tell your mother to move out; otherwise, she will constantly clash with the neighbors,” he jested.

The renowned preacher admitted that their marriage isn’t flawless, but they refrain from seeking marriage counseling for guidance.

“When we encounter challenges, we sit in our bedroom and resolve them, just as our parents taught us,” Sarah shared.

Ezekiel also divulged that he shares his phone with his wife, highlighting their trust and openness in their marital relationship.