Madtraxx Explains Why He Stopped Working With Mejja

Kenyan rapper and former member of the Kansoul music group, George Muigai, popularly known as Madtraxx, recently revealed the factors that led to the disbandment of the group, specifically addressing the issues he faced while working with Mejja.

During an interview with the Iko nini podcast, Madtraxx expressed his initial intention of entering the music industry to experiment and elevate the artistic landscape. However, Mejja had a different approach, focusing primarily on creating hit songs without room for experimentation.

Madtraxx explained that Mejja constantly sought perfection in their music, aiming for instant radio airplay and commercial success. Money seemed to be the driving force behind Mejja’s decisions, while Madtraxx pursued music as a means of pushing boundaries and breaking away from conventional templates.

Reflecting on their divergent priorities, Madtraxx acknowledged that the group members—himself, Mejja, and Kid Kora—experienced conflicts and differences of opinion. One instance was the song “No Woman No Party,” which Madtraxx and Kid Kora believed in, but Mejja did not consider worthy of a music video. Madtraxx was willing to take creative risks, but Mejja was more hesitant.

Furthermore, Madtraxx addressed Kid Kora’s claims of not feeling appreciated within the group. While he couldn’t comprehend the reasons behind Kid Kora’s sentiments, Madtraxx was taken aback by the accusations.

In 2021, Kid Kora officially departed from the Kansoul, citing withheld payments, diminishing music quality, and his overall well-being. On his Instagram stories, Kid Kora accused Mejja and Madtraxx of mistreatment and unpaid debts, labeling them as ‘blue-eyed monsters.’

The breakup of the Kansoul came as a surprise, considering the group’s prominent position in the country’s music scene.