“Mimi ni yatima” – Ringtone wails as he fights with Cassypool

On a Tuesday evening, a heated altercation occurred in Kahawa West, Nairobi county involving two well-known figures, gospel singer Ringtone Apoko and politician Casypool.

The incident was captured on video and shared by 2mbili, revealing Ringtone, famous for his hit song ‘Pamela,’ stepping out of his car in an agitated state. He began to threaten Casypool, who was engaged in conversation with the comedian.

In the footage, Ringtone removed his shirt and clenched his fists aggressively, accusing Casypool of tarnishing his reputation. He lamented being an orphan and accused the politician of spreading false rumors that he was being financially supported by a white woman.

In response to the allegations, Ringtone vehemently denied any such association and asserted that he worked hard to sustain his lavish lifestyle in Runda.

“Why does someone keep saying I live in Wanyee? That a white woman supports me? I am an orphan struggling to live in Runda,” Ringtone retorted before returning to his car.

He also emphasized his role as a church leader, proclaiming his Christian faith, but admitted that there were instances where even Jesus fought demons.

Despite Ringtone’s pleas for respect and an end to the character defamation, Casypool remained obstinate, threatening to physically harm the singer.

“He cannot do anything to me. He cannot intimidate me. Let him go bother someone else. He’s just a little kid. I have already beaten him, and I could have even killed him,” Casypool declared defiantly.

Following the altercation, Ringtone eventually left the scene, while Casypool was consoled and calmed down by comedian YY, 2mbili, and other people who were present during the incident.