President Uhuru Plans To Extend His Term; Ruto's Allies says.
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President Uhuru Plans To Extend His Term; Ruto’s Allies says.

Deputy President, William Ruto’s allies have claimed that President Kenyatta is planing to extend his term for another five years.

This was revealed by Ruto’s wingman and blogger Dennis Itumbi who alleged that there are plans underway to see that Uhuru remains in power after 2022.

“The Hustler National Intelligence Bureal is picking credible and raw information that there is a new plan to extend the President’s term beyond 2022 (2026 mentioned),” Itumbi said.

He went on to add,” State operative directed to start testing the waters.”

If this allegations by Itumbi are something to go by, Raila’s plans to ascend to power will be dimmed considering his old age and changing tides in his ODM Party.

Ruto will also not be spared and will have to create another game plan since he is banking on Kikuyu votes.

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