I will never stop posting SAMIDOH and my family – KAREN NYAMU declares
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“Utafikiria kama kuku maisha yako yote” – Karen Nyamu Badly Blasts a fan.

It goes without a doubt that Karen Nyamu is by far the most controversial celebrity in Kenya.

From almost breaking Samidoh’s marriage to confronting fans and also turning to Christ for a better life, this lady knows how to play her cards.

Today Sunday 25,April, Nyamu shared a biblical verse saying that she has turned to God and is happy with her life.

As expected, her followers did not disappoint and commented with all sorts of nasty words.

Notably among the comments was when two fans questioned how she is able to multi-task between snatching other people’s husband and giving her all to christ.

As expected, Nyamu hit them with a come back saying, “Uko na akili ingine ama ni hiyo tu?”

The fan said, “Ukipost, Tunapost Samidoh, Samidoh akipost, Tunapost bibi yake Edday.”

At this point, a seemingly angly Nyamu tells of the fan and her comeback ends the thread.

“Utafiria kama Kuku Maisha Yako yote,” Nyamu blasted the fan.

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