Del Monte Juice Found With Snail inside -

Del Monte Juice Found With Snail inside

The Consumer Federation of Kenya (COFEK) is calling for a speedy investigation after a Del Monte juice was found with a snail.

Cofek on its Twitter handle blamed the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) for poor quality standard surveillance.

“How could a snail have landed in @DelMonte juice? What quality assurance standard at @DelMonte? Is @KEBS ke failing in its quality surveillance?” Cofek said on its page.

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According to Cofek, the juice had a KEBS mark of quality emblem, indicating its safeness for the consumers.

“The packet @bevalynekwambo3 claims had the foul snail entered had #KEBS mark of quality…..,” it added.

Del Monte is an American food production and distribution company that offers a wide selection of fresh, picked-at-their-peak, canned fruits and vegetables.

“Thanks for reaching out! This product is actually produced by Del Monte…..not Del Monte Fresh Produce (that’s us!). Please direct your concerns over to their page as they will be able to assist you further,” it said in response to the complaint.