Nonini Accuses Former Producer Clemo of Online Melodrama and Ignorance

In an unprecedented tale of musical feuds and legal triumphs, Kenyan artist Nonini has fired back at his former producer Clemo, accusing him of online melodrama and ignorance, following claims that he was never compensated for the beat production of the chart-topping hit “Wekamu.”

“Don’t be hasty, my dear: I have to finish up with the influencer and the company first, then I’ll come deal with your tomfoolery,” Nonini quipped. “You should know that every citizen has the right to appeal a court decision, so reading about it on the interwebs makes you seem rather, well, green.”

The artist’s comments were sparked by Clemo’s lamentations that he was left in the dust, unpaid for his work on the now-infamous track. “That track is my track, it was my own idea, and I didn’t get paid,” he lamented, adding that he had no intention of chasing the money Nonini received in a recent lawsuit.

The lawsuit in question revolved around an advertisement in which influencer Brian Mutinda used “Wekamu” without the necessary synchronization license. The Milimani Commercial Magistrate Court ruled in Nonini’s favor, ordering Mutinda to pay him a cool Sh1 million and remove the video from all social media platforms.

The case marked a turning point for the Kenyan music industry, with Nonini noting that it was time for artists to stand up for their rights. Inspired by the late Poxy Presha’s “Dhako Kelo” quote, he warned other corporations that he would be hot on their heels if they dared to use his content without following proper procedures.

As for Clemo, Nonini’s message was clear: “Court systems are about facts, not emotional outbursts on social media. You gotta prove your case.”