Phoina Flaunts Multi-Million Mansion Under Construction

Kenyan fashion icon and entrepreneur Lucy Wambui, better known as Phoina, recently showcased her forthcoming multimillion-dollar mansion, currently in the construction phase.

Through an Instagram reel, Phoina unveiled the progress of her opulent future residence, expressing profound gratitude to God for the realization of her life’s ambitions. She conveyed her contentment with her current position in life, eagerly anticipating further accomplishments.

The prospect of homeownership has long been a cherished aspiration for Phoina, now materializing into tangible reality. Reflecting on her journey, she acknowledged the dedication and diligence invested in manifesting her aspirations and dreams.

“Grateful for the continuous blessings pouring into my life. I am truly content with where I am,” she captioned the post.

This unveiling follows closely on the heels of Phoina’s 34th birthday celebration, where she exuded elegance in a resplendent golden gown, accentuating her curves flawlessly.

Looking ahead with excitement, Phoina eagerly awaits the unfolding of remarkable achievements in the upcoming year. Treating herself to a birthday getaway on the coast, she shared glimpses of her luxurious vacation, indulging in the pleasures of an extravagant hotel stay and relishing breakfast served in the pool.

“As the waves kiss the shore, I embrace the promise of new beginnings. Some prefer breakfast in bed, but I prefer it in the pool. Truly cherished every moment of my birthday retreat,” Phoina shared, encapsulating her joy.