“She can date any taka taka because of her age” Andrew Kibe claims Kamene Goro is desperate to settle down

It appears that Kamene Goro has found herself a new romantic partner in DJ Bonez, and she has been flaunting their relationship on her social media pages.

However, Andrew Kibe, a member of Kamati ya Roho chafu, is not impressed with this new development. He believes that Kamene Goro is only parading her new man because she recently turned 30 and is now in a state of panic about finding a husband and starting a family.

In a recent YouTube video, Kibe stated that Kamene Goro is desperate and will settle for anyone just to prove a point. He believes that she can do better than DJ Bonez and should not be proud of this relationship.

While Kibe may not approve of Kamene Goro’s new relationship, it is clear that she is happy and not afraid to show it. Ultimately, what matters most is that she is content and satisfied with her choice of partner.