“Alinitumia vibaya na hakulipa” Shakilla accuses Eric Omondi of using her

Shakilla, an emerging figure in social circles, recently took to her Instagram to unveil private conversations with former radio DJ Andrew Kibe, followed shortly by exposing interactions with Eric Omondi, a popular comedian.

Accusing Omondi of leveraging her for publicity without compensation, Shakilla highlighted an incident from 2021 during the filming of Omondi’s well-known “Wife Material” series. She claimed that despite her involvement, neither she nor other cast members received their rightful payments. Despite attempts to contact Omondi for resolution, Shakilla stated that her efforts have been fruitless.

In a candid expression on her Instagram Live, Shakilla voiced her frustrations, citing Omondi’s alleged exploitation and unfair treatment during the show’s production. She indicated her decision to strategically capitalize on the situation to garner attention, if not monetary recompense.

Furthermore, Shakilla called upon Omondi to uphold his purported commitment to nurturing local talent and fairly compensating content creators. She accused him of inconsistency between his professed support for artists and his actions.

As of now, Eric Omondi has not responded to these allegations.