Papa Shirandula Actor Njoro Impressive Cars, House and Businesses: “Landlord”

Papa Shirandula’s Actor Njoro Impressive Cars, House and Businesses: “Landlord”

While various actors plea for monetary help from Kenyans, others are living off their investiments.

Former Papa Shirandula actor Njoro, real name Ken Gichoya has displayed how he carefully invested his income from his acting career.

In a YouTube interview with Hiram Maina, Njoro allowed cameras into his house and uncovered how he is generating income.

Njoro’s home has a high wall with an eye-catching entryway adorned with gator sculptures. The inside is elegantly outfitted with modern seats.

Landlord According to the actor, he is a landlord as he claims a block of flats in Joska. Njoro made the disclosures while saying he assisted a stranded artiste during the Covid-19 by giving him a house to remain in for free

“During the Covid-19 affected business and many entertainers did not have jobs. I even hosted an artiste in my Joska rentals because he was depressed,” he said.

The dad of three also unveiled that he has business premises in Ongata Rongai overseen by his brother in law. Bar, vehicle collection Njoro moves around in style and gloats of claiming two high end vehicles.

Papa Shirandula Actor Njoro Impressive Cars, House and Businesses: “Landlord”

The first is a Toyota Landcruiser older model, which he has claimed for some time. The entertainer recently acquired a Mercedes Benz and couldn’t keep down his happiness as he shared a photograph posing with the vehicle on October 2.

“God is great. My new collection. Big German machine,” he wrote.

Beside the businesses referenced above, Njoro additionally owns a bar that he also runs. Luxurious spending Speaking of his associates in the business asking for handouts, Njoro said the greater part of them misuse the cash they earn through acting. He urged others not to fall into a similar snare expressing:

“Make hay when the sun is still shining.”