Over 600  Families Displaced By Floods In Kirinyaga seeks refuge on higher grounds

Over 600 families residing in Kirinyaga are currently grappling with the aftermath of heavy rains and flooding, which led to the overflow of River Thiba, compelling them to seek refuge at higher elevations. Martin Kagunda, the Coordinator of the Kenya Red Cross in Kirinyaga County, highlighted that the most severely impacted households are situated in Mwea Constituency, particularly along the banks of River Thiba.

Efforts to aid affected families have been underway, with support extended to those from Kithogondo village in Thiba Ward, Mwea, and Thiguku in Ndia Constituency. Each family received essential items such as a kitchen set, blankets, mosquito nets, soap, sleeping mats, and temporary tents to alleviate their immediate needs, as detailed by Kagunda.

The Kenya Red Cross reports that numerous additional families across Kirinyaga have also been displaced as floodwaters wreak havoc on their homes, exacerbating the crisis. Sicily Njagi, one of the affected individuals, expressed the hardships faced, including the arduous journey of over five kilometers to reach Ngurubani market, a route that previously took only five minutes.

In response to the gravity of the situation, Kirinyaga County Commissioner Hussein Allow issued a stern advisory, urging affected citizens to relocate to safer areas and refrain from venturing into hazardous zones. Regrettably, the floods have claimed the lives of two individuals in Kirinyaga, underscoring the tragic consequences of the disaster.