“Omanyala Namwonanga Kwa TV” Diana Marua Sets Record Straight On Morgan’s Paternity

Diana Marua found herself confronted with questions about the true parentage of her adopted son, Morgan, during an interactive session with her employees on the topic of online trolls. It was her gardener who raised the question, asking if the rumors circulating about Morgan being the biological son of footballer Victor Wanyama held any truth.

The gardener, known as Justo, inquired, “People are saying that Morgan is Victor Wanyama’s child. I can resemble Collo, Ruto, or even Obama and other important figures, but is it true or false?” Diana chuckled at her employee’s mix-up, as he had confused Victor Wanyama with Sprinter Ferdinand Omanyala.

She explained, “I have never met Omanyala in person; I’ve only seen him on TV winning Olympic awards. That’s all I know about Omanyala.”

To address the question of Morgan’s paternity, Diana emphasized that she and Bahati were the only ones privy to the truth, despite the ongoing trolling and negativity they faced.

Diana went on to share the story of how Morgan became a part of her and her husband’s life. She said, “Much has been said about it, and I don’t blame the media. Everyone has their opinions. But in the end, the truth lies with the two people who matter most – my husband and me.”

She continued, “I met Bahati after my dating life, and like any normal couple, we dated and fell in love, deciding we wanted to live together. Bahati had already adopted three children from a children’s home, including Morgan, Purity, and Rose – all of whom had been in the same children’s home where Bahati grew up.”

Diana pointed out that many had seen Bahati share pictures from the Groove Awards, during which Morgan, who had come from the same children’s home, supported Bahati. She explained, “He was one of the kids who came to support him during those times. Morgan was so passionate about Bahati that he knew all his songs.”

A young Morgan even took the stage to sing and display Bahati’s dance moves, which won Bahati’s heart. Diana recalled, “That’s when Bahati decided to take Morgan in at the age of 2.”

The mother of four expressed her love for Bahati and the three children, affirming her commitment to building a family with them. “I am deeply honored to be Morgan’s mother. He was the first person to call me ‘mom,’ and I will forever be grateful for that,” Diana said.

She also acknowledged that Morgan had witnessed their journey to acquiring luxurious cars and houses, attributing their blessings to his presence in their lives.