“Jamani Sikujiumba” Nyota Ndogo Responds To Those Criticizing Her Looks

In a recent social media post, Nyota Ndogo, known as the “Watu na Viatu” hitmaker, found herself at the center of unwarranted criticism regarding her appearance, with some people suggesting that her looks were a far cry from her vocal talent. Others even went so far as to draw comparisons between her and Ken Wa Maria. This backlash coincided with the promotion of her latest song.

In response to the haters, Mwanaisha Abdalla, the Coast-based singer’s real name, decided to take matters into her own hands. She boldly quoted their comments, emphasizing that it was not her fault if her appearance did not align with her voice. She also mentioned that her husband had never expressed any dissatisfaction with her looks. In her own words, she said, “Sauti na sura haziambatani! Kabisa, sauti inamtoa nyoka pangoni, lakini sura inamtudisha nyoka pangoni. Sura ni ya Ken Wa Maria. Huna nguo zingine jameni? Nice song anyway. The only positive thing from you… JAMANI MIMI SIKUJIUMBA. NA PIA MUME WANGU HALALAMIKI KUA ANALALA NA ZOMBI…” This statement was shared on Facebook as a response to her detractors.

Nyota Ndogo has been the target of criticism in recent days. Just a few days ago, when she announced her pregnancy, some individuals questioned her age and ability to have more children.

However, the mother of two did not let these comments slide. She responded firmly, stating, “Jamani, I’m only 42. I’m still young. Why assume that I’m too old to have more children just because I’ve been married for nine years and haven’t had a child yet? God gave me this pregnancy, and He knows how I will deliver.” Nyota Ndogo’s determination and resilience in the face of criticism continue to be an inspiration to many.