Old Man who spent 21 years in America weeps after finding himself under a bridge in Africa

A Banking and Finance graduate, trained in the UK, recently shared a poignant tale during a radio interview, recounting his unexpected journey from a successful life in America to an unimaginable existence under Oshodi bridge in Lagos, Nigeria, after a span of 21 years.

Having spent nine years in London immersed in the study of banking and finance, his life took an unforeseen turn when he moved to the United States. While residing there, he experienced a dream that left an indelible mark on his life. In this dream, he found himself soaring through the skies and encountering familiar signboards, including “Welcome to Bahamas,” a destination of frequent vacations, “Welcome to London,” “Welcome to Africa,” and finally, “Welcome to Nigeria.”

Upon abruptly awakening from this dream, he found himself shouting “Nigeria” uncontrollably, prompting his concerned family to rush him to a hospital in California. Following his release, he was repatriated to Nigeria, where his elder siblings received him at the airport and subsequently took him to Yaba Psychiatric Hospital.

Regrettably, he shared that he was abandoned at the psychiatric hospital, leading to his expulsion when no one assumed responsibility for his fees and care. Left with no support, he resorted to sleeping under Oshodi bridge until a day when law enforcement compelled people to vacate their makeshift homes beneath the bridge.

During this unsettling encounter with the police, he found himself prodded by their guns, prompting a sudden return to clarity. Confounding the officers, he asserted his American origin, leaving them bewildered.

The narrative took a remarkable turn when he disclosed that he was eventually relocated to a mountainous region, where he underwent a transformative six-year process of deliverance. This unexpected journey, marked by highs and lows, serves as a testament to the unpredictable twists that life can take, even for those with a promising start.