I smoked bhang to impress my fans- Karen Nyamu Reveals.

City lawyer cum politician, Karen Nyamu has made a revelation that has shocked most of her fans.

Nyamu was addressing a photo that was snapped two years ago where she was seen heavily engulfed in smoke as she puffed bhang in public.

The picture was taken during the finals of the annual Koth Biro football tournament at the Umeme Grounds in Ziwani, Nairobi.

After the photo went viral, her fans flooded social media ddemanding demanding her to address the matter but recently, she cleared the waves in a YouTube interview.

She said that she smoked to impress her fans and loyal supporters.She however claimed that she is not a regular smoker and only did it once at the tournament.

“They told me vuta moja mhesh. Moshi moja mhesh. At that point do you pretend how righteous you are? Ati Mungu anakuona?” she asked.

“I took three puffs from different smokers and that was the moment I was photographed. I don’t smoke weed but since that day many people believe I do” Karen said.


“Those close to me know I don’t. I have never spent my money on weed though I know they range from Sh50 to Sh100 per stick”.