Pritty Vishy,” I Will Only get Married To A Rich MAN”

Digital content creator and influencer, Pritty Vishy, recently spoke openly about her determination to break the cycle of poverty within her family.

During an intimate conversation with her mother on her YouTube channel, Vishy disclosed that she had no intentions of marrying someone financially insecure.

She conveyed, “I have no desire to experience the hardships my mother endured, nor do I wish to walk in her footsteps. My aspiration is to be with a financially stable partner who can provide a comfortable life for our family.”

When asked about her prospective role as a wife, Vishy emphasized that her responsibilities as a spouse and a mother were her primary focus, and she saw no need to extend beyond that.

She also expressed her readiness to leave a relationship if it soured or if her partner failed to provide for her and their children, asserting that she wouldn’t compromise her own happiness.

Vishy stated, “I bring nothing extra to the equation. Simply being your wife and giving birth is ample. If you can’t be a contented provider ensuring a happy life for me and our children, then I’m out.”

In a Father’s Day post, Vishy disclosed that she had apprehensions about marriage, largely attributing her fears to her biological father.

She revealed that haunting memories from her childhood, growing up in a tumultuous and abusive household, had left a lasting impact on her.

“Father’s Day serves as a reminder of the times when my father subjected my mother to abuse in my presence,” she shared.

“Some of us harbor marriage anxieties because of experiences like this.”