Genge musician Juacali Confirms that He TwaTwa’s With His Wife 4 Times Everyday.

Renowned Genge musician and icon, Juacali, recently opened up about his personal life, shedding light on the intimate dynamics he shares with his wife behind closed doors.

In a candid interview with Radio Maisha, the musician expressed the strength of his bond with his wife, acknowledging that their physical relationship plays a significant role in fostering love and unity between them.

Juacali didn’t shy away from admitting that intimacy is a fundamental aspect of their relationship, revealing that they engage in physical intimacy at least four times a day. Emphasizing the importance of this connection, he highlighted how it contributes to the solidity of their relationship.

Furthermore, Juacali’s wife had previously shared their mutual enjoyment of intimacy, particularly during fasting periods, adding another layer to their relationship dynamics.

Lily Asego, echoing similar sentiments, emphasized the importance of cherishing and actively participating in physical intimacy within marriages, underlining its role in nurturing a healthy relationship.

Confident in his prowess, Juacali asserted his capability to satisfy his wife’s needs in the bedroom, reflecting on their journey together as partners and parents to their three children. He also expressed openness to the possibility of expanding their family, viewing children as precious gifts deserving of acceptance.

In essence, Juacali’s openness about his intimate life not only highlights the importance of physical connection within marriage but also reinforces the notion of mutual respect, understanding, and love as vital components of a successful relationship.