Meet a lady who has kept her nails for 32yrs without cutting them short,they are 12 inches now

Cordelia Adams, a 59-year-old resident of Virginia in the US, has made headlines as a TikTok sensation during the pandemic for her 12-inch-long nails. In a recent interview shared by Hooked on The Look, Cordelia revealed that her inspiration to keep long nails came from her mother who also had long nails. Although they are currently 12 inches long, Cordelia had previously kept them at a length of 16 inches.

Despite the fame her nails have brought her, Cordelia also uses them as canvases for her artwork. She began growing her nails in 1989 and has since used them to express her creativity. Cordelia values the attention she receives for having such long nails and vows never to cut them.

While Cordelia’s nails have been a source of fascination for many, they also present practical challenges. Cordelia explained that she uses her knuckles when performing daily tasks, indicating that her long nails can hinder her movements.

In conclusion, Cordelia Adams is a remarkable woman who has gained popularity for her incredibly long nails. Her inspiration came from her mother, and she uses her nails as a canvas for her artwork. Despite the attention they bring her, Cordelia values her long nails and vows never to cut them. However, she also acknowledges the challenges they present and has adapted her movements to accommodate their length.