“Nilikutumia Pesa Za Shopping Ya Chira Ukakula” Nyako Fights Baba Talisha Over Chira’s Burial Contributions.

A significant and acrimonious dispute has arisen between Pilot Nyako and Baba Talisha regarding the arrangements and contributions for Brian Chira’s funeral. Nyako has escalated the conflict by confronting Baba Talisha directly.

In Nyako’s perspective, Baba T’s involvement in Brian’s funeral arrangements is disingenuous, merely a ploy to garner sympathy and attention. Nyako points out that despite living close to Brian Chira, Baba T failed to assist him when he was in need, particularly when Brian was stranded at 3:00 am. Nyako questions why Baba T did not offer help or why Brian didn’t reach out to him if he was indeed a reliable neighbor.

Nyako further alleges that during her assistance to Brian Chira, Baba Talisha was among those who misappropriated funds intended for Brian’s expenses. Nyako accuses Baba T of being untrustworthy with the collected contributions due to his alleged hypocrisy.

Additionally, Nyako asserts that only Obidan Dela and Prince Mwiti truly supported Brian Chira and are therefore the rightful individuals to oversee the funeral arrangements. Nyako vows to expose Baba T’s alleged hypocrisy and intends to take legal action, claiming to possess evidence supporting her accusations.

In summary, Nyako perceives Baba Talisha as insincere and untrustworthy in his involvement with Brian Chira’s funeral arrangements, advocating for those she deems as genuine friends to take charge instead. She is adamant about pursuing her allegations against Baba T through legal channels.