” Bangi Na Jaba Zinafanya Unakaa Scarecrow wewe” Fans Advice Ngesh Kaveve Kazoze.

Ngesh, the widely celebrated Kaveve Kazoze personality, found herself embroiled in a contentious dispute with a fan who opted to critique her appearance, likening her to a drug addict.

On her official Instagram page, Ngesh shared content that garnered favorable reactions from many. However, amidst the appreciation, some fans took issue with her appearance. One fan went to the extent of suggesting that she deviates from the norm of an average girl.

The critical fan counselled Ngesh to present herself as a more respectable individual, attributing her perceived departure from the norm to habits such as smoking pot and consuming miraa. According to this fan, Ngesh gives off an impression more akin to a scarecrow due to these actions than that of a typical lady or “baby girl.”

Beseeching Ngesh to alter her lifestyle, the fan asserted that quitting smoking and adopting a more conventional look would align her more closely with the perceptions other girls have of her. In response, Ngesh remained positive, asserting her superiority over the fan who made the comment.

However, when the screenshot of the conversation surfaced on social media, another fan echoed similar sentiments. This fan endorsed the rumor of Ngesh using hard drugs and urged her to break free from these detrimental habits.