10 Kenya Media personalities with Million-dollar voices

In the creative industry of Kenya, a group of talented individuals has carved a niche for themselves as the leading voice-over artists, lending their unique and captivating tones to a myriad of productions.

From commercials and documentaries to animations and narrations, these distinguished professionals have made significant contributions to the country’s media landscape, infusing life and character into various projects.

Johnson Mwakazi
One prominent figure in the Kenyan voice-over scene is Johnson Mwakazi, known for his rich, resonant voice that effortlessly captures the essence of any script.

With a portfolio spanning diverse industries, Mwakazi has become a sought-after talent, renowned for his ability to convey emotions and narratives with depth and authenticity.

Another notable presence is TV news anchor Jeff Koinange, whose voice you have probably heard in documentaries and long news features.

So good is Jeff’s voice that it earned him a job in an international airline in his early days.

Whether infusing energy into a political feature or bringing gravitas to corporate presentations, Koinange has established himself as a reliable and dynamic voice in the industry.

In addition, Classic 105 radio presenter Mike Mondo has garnered acclaim for his distinctive vocal style, characterized by its warmth and clarity.

With an impressive repertoire of work across television, radio, and online platforms, Mondo has consistently impressed audiences with his ability to engage and captivate listeners, making him a top choice for numerous renowned brands and productions.

Mike Mondo, a presenter with Classic 105 FM  has been the talk of town owing to his rich, deep voice.

Joining these seasoned professionals is radio presenter Emmanuel Mwashumbe, whose crisp and articulate delivery has left an indelible mark on various commercial projects.

From providing the narrative backbone to audio features to adding flair to events when he is in charge of the programme, Mwashumbe’s versatility and professionalism have solidified his position as one of the leading voices in the Kenyan media landscape.

The Hot 96 presenter, Nick Odhiambo, is not new in the voice industry, having gained popularity for his ability to imitate many prominent Kenyan personalities, including his co-presenter Jeff Koinange.

Odhiambo’s ability to paint images through his voice has earned him acclaim, allowing him to work with numerous radio stations, including Standard Group’s Radio Maisha.

He was also part of the popular satire programme, ‘XYZ’, where he took on the role of Keff Joinange, which imitated Jeff Koinange.

Despite being relatively new in the industry, the young NTV presenter and reporter Brian Muchiri has already lent his voice to numerous commercials.

Muchiri’s voice draws listeners close to his script and even closer to the product or service he is promoting.

Apart from commercials, Muchiri also records voice pieces for Nation FM, which is owned by his employer, Nation Media Group.

The former ‘Mother-in-Law’ actor has previously revealed that he earned a whopping Sh300K for a thirty-second voice ad, demonstrating the high demand for his voice.

Osanya, who has majored in film, boasts of having his voice featured not just in films but also in animations and other commercials.

As some may know, Nyosh Gathu is the younger brother of the legendary radio presenter Jimmy Gathu.

Nyosh, a radio presenter on Radio Maisha, has gained popularity for his excellent voice work.

Known for running Radio Maisha commercials, Nyosh has made a name for himself as a great voice artist.

The ’10/10′ show host Azeezah is another rising star whose voice is slowly making fortunes for her.

Although young, Azeezah has managed to host several shows on TV and radio, quickly rising in the competitive industry.

She has also voiced several commercials, further solidifying her position as a go-to voice-over artist.

Sheila Mwanyigha is not new in the Kenyan entertainment industry she has hosted a number of shows, thanks to her voice.

She is also behind a number of commercials which have garnered her significant following.

He is estimated to be pocketing over Sh2 million at Classic 105. Maina Kageni’s voice has seen him poached from stations which have also seen his pay go up significantly thanks to his voice.

Kageni’s voice not only catches attention but also is commanding and convincing which is why many top brands go after him for voice work.

As the demand for high-quality voice-over talent continues to rise in Kenya, these artists and their peers are at the forefront of delivering excellence in every project they undertake.

Their contributions have not only elevated the standards of voice-over work in the country but have also played a pivotal role in shaping the auditory experience of audiences across various platforms.