Nyeri Bishop Caught PANTS DOWN With Someone’s Pregnant Wife

Drama unfolded in broad daylight at an estate near Nyeri town on Wednesday, as a bishop found himself entangled in a scandalous situation involving another man’s wife. The 40-year-old bishop, who leads an evangelical church in Nyeri town, was caught red-handed with his pregnant sister-in-law.

The woman, who is five months pregnant, was identified as Scholar Kariuki, aged 21. Her husband, Kariuki Macharia, discovered the illicit affair and confronted the bishop in their rented one-bedroom house. Macharia unleashed a flurry of kicks, blows, and whips upon the unsuspecting bishop.

Macharia revealed that he had suspected the affair between his wife and the bishop for the past four years. He had been monitoring his wife’s text messages until he decided to set a trap on that fateful day. Collaborating with others, they feigned a field assignment in Nyeri, luring the lovers into a false sense of security.

Curious locals gathered in Skuta area, on the outskirts of Nyeri town, to witness the scandalous scene. The bishop, visibly ashamed, made a hasty exit without offering any defense. Adding insult to injury, his wife, Margaret Wanyoike, joined forces with Macharia to physically assault him in a fit of rage.

To everyone’s astonishment, a sum of Sh 10,500, which the bishop had brought as a gift for his lover, was discovered at the scene. Meanwhile, the bishop had left his car parked at a nearby pub, only to suffer serious head injuries during the altercation. Blood trickled down his face as his torn T-shirt revealed the extent of the violence inflicted upon him. His abandoned shoes were also found at the scene.

Later, armed police wearing full riot gear arrived at the scene to rescue the bishop. They swiftly transported him away in a Landrover, ensuring his safety. Macharia, seething with anger, expressed his longstanding suspicions about the affair and justified his reaction.

The bishop was subsequently detained at Nyeri Divisional Police Station, awaiting further legal proceedings.