“Mimi siwezi olewa na mzungu,” Betty Kyallo Says -

“Mimi siwezi olewa na mzungu,” Betty Kyallo Says

Betty Kyallo, the well-known media personality and rising entrepreneur, recently shared some insights into her love life during a conversation with digital content creator 2Mbili.

Clad in a beautiful red dress, Betty Kyallo participated in a short question and answer session, during which she made it clear that she has no intention of marrying a white man. Unlike some others, such as Akothee, who may have a preference for dating foreigners (Wazungu), Kyallo revealed that she prefers men with a black complexion.

“I am not interested in marrying a foreigner. I prefer someone with the same skin color as me,” she confidently stated, pointing to her own skin.

Betty Kyallo also expressed her happiness for Akothee, whom she affectionately referred to as the “queen of single mothers.” She mentioned that Akothee is now off the market, and she is thrilled for her, adding that Akothee’s wedding is on the horizon. Betty playfully noted that Akothee’s wedding will help ease the congestion among single mothers, and she also hinted at her own wedding plans.

“I’m so happy for my sister… I’m super excited. At least she has found someone. Soon, I’ll be getting married too,” Betty said.

Regarding her new boyfriend, Betty had previously confirmed being in love but chose to keep his identity a secret until they finalize their plans, including marriage.

“I want to keep it private until we are ready to share our relationship with the world and get married,” she said.

She further explained that she doesn’t intend to have a grand wedding this time around, as she believes the essence lies in the bond between the two people involved.

“For this relationship, I don’t think we’ll have a lavish wedding, as I’ve come to realize that it’s all about the two individuals,” Betty added.

Betty emphasized the importance of getting to know each other without the pressure of cameras and public scrutiny, expressing her desire for a genuine and intimate connection.

“I am happy, and I just want to know him, and I want him to know me without all these cameras,” she shared.

In summary, Betty Kyallo, the media personality and entrepreneur, candidly revealed her preference for black-skinned men and her intention to marry someone who shares her culture. She expressed excitement for Akothee’s upcoming wedding and hinted at her own plans to tie the knot, emphasizing the importance of a meaningful and private connection with her new partner.