Njoki Murira: A 19 -year -old Kikuyu content creator Earning Ksh. 2M Monthly from Tiktok

Njoki Murirah, a 21-year-old digital content creator, has amassed a large following on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Njoki is of Kikuyu and Kamba heritage and possesses an enviable Rubenesque physique that has garnered attention and admiration from online enthusiasts of women with voluptuous body shapes. Her social activities and entertainment videos showcase her love for expressing herself and her ideal body shape.

Njoki is known for her witty and humorous skits that are often shot in a village setting. She embraces her rural roots and is referred to as ‘Kienyeji’, a term synonymous with a well-bred village lady. On Twitter, she identifies herself as the only Kikuyu who does not love money and a staunch advocate of ‘no sex before marriage.’

Njoki hails from Magumu, Kamwangi in the Central region of Kenya, and her signature short hair, sometimes dyed, is prevalent in her online photos. Her posts elicit humorous comments from her followers, with some jokingly claiming to have seen her pictures on their fathers’ phones and others inviting her to visit Nigeria.

Thanks to her growing fan base, Njoki has become a sought-after brand ambassador, with companies leveraging her social media popularity to attract more customers. She loves dancing and often participates in viral music challenges, showcasing her impressive moves.

In one of her videos, Njoki acknowledges that her big behind is a rare trait among members of her tribes. She jokingly expresses gratitude for this natural feature, given that many celebrities resort to cosmetic surgery to achieve such body shapes. Njoki believes in putting her money to good use and would use it to start a business if she had the resources.

In summary, Njoki Murirah is a popular social media personality known for her humorous skits, voluptuous body shape, and rural roots. She has a growing fan base, which has attracted brand partnerships and has expressed her desire to use her resources to create sustainable businesses.