Nitazikula ‘spider’ hadi Nikufe tiktoker Aq9ine silences his online critics

Kenyan TikToker Aq9ine has addressed concerns about his health following an allergic reaction after allegedly chewing a spider.

Through his Instagram account, Aq9ine asked Kenyans to stop worrying about his health, stating that even if he dies, it’s not their concern since he’s not related to those inquiring.

“Mnaboo bana mnacatch juu ya shida yangu. Why mimi nikikufa nitazikwa na mnisahau. Haufai kushtuka juu mimi si wenu,” he said.

He added that once he recovers from the allergic reaction, he plans to continue entertaining his fans. Aq9ine revealed that he will be bold enough to try eating a snake or a frog once he is back on his feet.

“Nikipona, next ni chura na nyoka. Nitapika hadi nikufe,” the TikToker stated.

His outrageous response comes just hours after the Meru man was admitted to the hospital following the incident. In a viral video shared on his social platform, Aq9ine appeared with a swollen face after eating the spider. He was rushed to the hospital for treatment and is currently admitted, according to reports.