Floods Worsen in Nyanza kenya As Lake Victoria Breaks Its Bank.

Kenya is currently grappling with a deluge of heavy rainfall, causing widespread havoc across the nation. Despite warnings issued by the meteorological department, the level of preparedness by the national government fell short of the required standard.

In the Nyanza region, the swelling waters of Kenya’s largest lake have breached its banks, leading to extensive flooding in villages, particularly in Migori County. Migori stands as the epicenter of this crisis.

Disturbing footage circulating online depicts a school in Migori submerged underwater, while residents in various villages have been compelled to flee their homes in the face of rising floodwaters.

These torrential rains, attributed to the El Niño phenomenon forecasted for October 2023, have already claimed the lives of over 60 individuals nationwide, with the toll continuing to rise unabated. The situation remains dire as the nation grapples with the aftermath of this natural calamity.