“Nimerudi Soko,” Kelvin Mboya spotted with a Mzungu Girl

Kelvin Mboya’s heartbreak story, caused by his girlfriend in Kwale, seems to be a thing of the past, judging by his recent photos. The internet has been buzzing with excitement over his transformation into a desirable, premium “character development.”

A week ago, Kelvin announced his trip to Kwale to surprise his girlfriend on her birthday, posting photos of the beautiful flowers he had bought for her. But when he went silent for 48 hours without making any updates, the public started to speculate about what had transpired in Kwale.

Four days later, Kelvin confirmed their fears, writing that he had gone to Kwale with love but returned with room for more love. He expressed his emotional turmoil but promised to share the details of what happened soon.

The outpouring of sympathy from Kenyans, including a 7-day trip to Mombasa offered by city politician Alinur Mohammed, seems to have had a positive impact.

Viral photos on social media now show Kelvin having a great time with a beautiful foreign lady. One photo even shows him giving her a bouquet of flowers, indicating a newfound happiness and a brighter future.