Justina Syokau In Tears As She Begs Eric Omondi, Kibe and Pastor Ezekiel For Forgiveness -

Justina Syokau In Tears As She Begs Eric Omondi, Kibe and Pastor Ezekiel For Forgiveness

Justina Syokau Appeals for Forgiveness from Pastor Ezekiel Odero, Eric Omondi, Andrew Kibe, and Kenyan Women Working Abroad

In a heartfelt video shared on TikTok, Justina Syokau humbly asks for forgiveness from several individuals, including Pastor Ezekiel Odero, Eric Omondi, Andrew Kibe, and Kenyan women working in the Gulf.

In the emotional video, the mother of one admits that her past actions of insulting these individuals have hindered her blessings. She confesses that since uttering those hurtful words, she has been facing difficulties finding a job and is struggling financially. Furthermore, her once thriving music career has been on the decline.

One of the individuals she expresses regret for insulting is Andrew Kibe. Justina acknowledges that her negative remarks were a result of the disagreements they had due to his past comments about people in Kenya. She sincerely apologizes to Andrew Kibe, acknowledging that her actions have had negative consequences on her life, including the lack of job opportunities and financial difficulties. She praises Andrew’s hard work, admires his stories, and even offers to sing a forgiveness song for him and his entire team.

Another person she seeks forgiveness from is Pastor Ezekiel Odero, who made remarks about single mothers. Justina admits that she spoke poorly about him after feeling hurt by his words about single mothers lacking a “star” for marriage. She appeals to Pastor Ezekiel for understanding and forgiveness, as she believes her insults have contributed to the stagnation of her music career and hindered her job prospects. She requests the pastor’s prayers for her job prospects and for her child’s health, who has been facing illness since January.

Justina also expresses remorse for her negative comments about Eric Omondi, who spoke about gospel artists in one of his talks. She admits to insulting him and making inappropriate remarks about his appearance. However, she clarifies that she values her friendship with Eric Omondi and seeks his forgiveness.

In addition to the individuals mentioned above, Justina appeals for forgiveness from Kenyan girls working in the Gulf. She previously made harsh comments about them engaging in prostitution or abandoning their jobs. Now she regrets her words and hopes they can find it in their hearts to forgive her.

Finally, Justina clarifies that she did not undergo any cosmetic surgery to enhance her hips, as rumored by some. Instead, she claims that she wanted to entertain Kenyans during difficult times they were facing.

In her video, Justina Syokau shows genuine remorse for her past actions and is taking responsibility for her mistakes. She is reaching out to those she hurt, seeking forgiveness and understanding as she hopes to mend broken relationships and move forward with positivity and growth.