Drama In Kiambu As Man Is Buried 'Like A Dog' After Allegedly Killing His Brother Over Inheritance
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Drama In Kiambu As Man Is Buried ‘Like A Dog’ After Allegedly Killing His Brother Over Inheritance.

There was drama in Githunguri after a man was buried in the most bizarre way after he allegedly killed his blood brother over inheritance.

It is reported that the killef his brother and went into hiding and upon search the body later found in the Mortuary.

The man identified as Kariuki killed his brother after a long battle over who should inherit their parents piece of land.

It is reported that Kariuki after killing his brother later committed suicide and on a video that has since gone viral, angry residents decided to bury the man at a public cemetery to avoid calamities befalling the village.

Angry residents in the video decided to throw Kariuki’s body which was in a badly made coffin into the grave without any funeral processions.

The casket fall and stood up right in the grave and the residents hurriedly threw in sand to cover the shallow ‘hole’ in what they termed as a dog’s burial.

“When someone kills his blood over inheritance, he doesn’t deserve to be accorded the final respect. He is a cured man and should be buried like a dog,” an angry resident said.

“We decided to bury him in a public cemetery because we don’t want any omens in our village. He killed his brother so that he can inherit the land but now he will have no peace even in death,” another added.

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