Machachari Actor Baha: I Will Not Let Down My Daughter Like How My Father Did To Me

Tyler Mbaya, popularly known as Baha from the television show Machachari, celebrated his birthday on May 7th, 2022, with an extra reason for joy as he and his wife, Georgina Njenga, welcomed their first child into the world.

Their daughter was named Astra Nyambura Kamau (ANK), and the couple, aged 24 and 21 respectively, has been together for nearly two years. Despite their young age, Baha and Georgina have earned admiration from their fans for their maturity and commitment to each other.

Baha, who experienced the absence of a father figure in his life for a decade, made a heartfelt promise to be a present and dedicated father to his daughter, regardless of the circumstances they may face.

Reflecting on his own upbringing, the former Machachari actor revealed that his father had traveled to the United States, and he deeply felt the impact of his absence. He expressed his desire to ensure his child does not go through a similar experience.

“I will always be there for my kid, balancing between work and family,” Baha affirmed.

He also shared his excitement about becoming a father, acknowledging that it is an unparalleled feeling.

“It’s a great feeling to be a father; nothing can surpass it,” Baha expressed with enthusiasm.

In a lighthearted moment, Baha playfully expressed a touch of jealousy, joking that he wished he could breastfeed his daughter. He joyfully embraced his role as a father and mentioned the new concept of “kangarooing” that he learned, appreciating the opportunity to bond with his child in unique ways.

“I feel jealous that I can’t breastfeed her. I was so excited, and I learned that as a dad, I can ‘kangaroo’ her. I always thought only mothers could do that,” Baha playfully remarked.

The 24-year-old took the opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate his wife, Georgina, describing her as a strong woman who brought back memories of his late mother. He recognized the pain his mother endured during his birth and expressed gratitude for Georgina’s resilience and support.

“On my birthday, she brought back my mom. This child was forced to arrive on my birthday,” Baha affectionately stated, expressing his deep appreciation for his wife and the precious gift they have received.

Overall, Tyler Mbaya, also known as Baha, celebrated his birthday in 2022 with immense joy as he and his wife, Georgina Njenga, welcomed their first child into the world. Baha expressed his commitment to being a present and loving father, cherishing the experience of fatherhood and embracing the unique bond with his daughter.