” Nilizaa Na Mwanaume Mjinga Kikaniramba” Jackie Matubia Slams Baby Daddy.

Jackie Matubia, one of Kenya’s most celebrated actresses, has recently found herself amidst a storm of controversy. Since her split from Blessing Lung’aho, her ex-partner, Matubia has become a central figure in various online discussions and viral moments.

While Blessing has chosen to maintain a discreet silence regarding their relationship post-breakup, Jackie has taken a different route by utilizing online platforms to share her perspective. Through these channels, she has offered glimpses into the reasons behind their separation, often indirectly criticizing Blessing in the process.

In a candid video shared on her official YouTube channel, Jackie opened up about recent events in her life, including a trip to Dubai funded by one of her former partners to celebrate their child’s birthday. While expressing gratitude to this unnamed ex-partner, Jackie subtly made jabs at Blessing Lung’aho through her choice of words.

During the video, Matubia offered advice to women about choosing their partners wisely, particularly when it comes to having children. She openly expressed regret over her decision to have a child with someone she deemed lacking in intelligence. “Mkipata watoto, pateni na watu wako na akili, nilipata mtoto na Mjinga Kikaniramba,” Jackie Matubia remarked.

It was clear that this statement was aimed at Blessing. The online community reacted strongly to Matubia’s words, with many expressing disapproval. A significant portion of netizens urged her not to speak negatively about her ex-partner and advised her to handle her healing process privately and maturely.

They reminded Jackie that Blessing would always be the father of her child, and publicly shaming him would not offer a solution. The prevailing sentiment among online users was that acknowledging this fact and addressing their differences in private would be a more constructive approach.