Man Takes Photos of University Graduates in the Village to a Local Mganga for Curse

A viral photograph has sparked a fervent discussion on social media, depicting an unidentified individual presenting images of university graduates to a local mganga, or traditional healer, in what appears to be a ritualistic setting. Alongside the graduates’ photos are the unsettling elements of a deceased snake and gecko, enhancing the ominous nature of the scene.

The individual, identifiable by their choice of footwear—Crocs—reportedly sought the mganga’s assistance in casting a curse aimed at impeding the success of the depicted graduates. This alarming scenario was first shared by the influential social media personality, Amerix, who accompanied the image with a sobering warning. Amerix’s message urged caution in the indiscriminate sharing of personal images online, cautioning against the potential for such images to be exploited by those with malicious intent. The post conveyed a poignant reminder of the unseen spiritual battles that individuals may face, highlighting the dichotomy of the physical and spiritual realms.

The reaction to the post was swift and varied, reflecting a spectrum of beliefs and attitudes prevalent within Kenyan society. Some expressed incredulity at the notion of photos being used for malevolent purposes, questioning the efficacy of such practices in the modern age. Others, drawing upon their religious convictions, asserted their unwavering faith in divine protection, viewing the incident through the lens of spiritual warfare. Still, others adopted a more nuanced stance, acknowledging the coexistence of education and superstition, while underscoring the significance of spiritual beliefs in shaping one’s worldview.

In essence, the photograph and subsequent discourse served as a microcosm of the complex interplay between tradition, spirituality, and modernity in contemporary Kenyan society. It underscored the enduring influence of cultural practices and beliefs, while also highlighting the ongoing tension between rationality and superstition in the collective consciousness.