36 Years Old Nyakwar: I’m Single na Sitaki Wanaume Wanono Nataka Bwana Ako na Pesa

Flaqo’s Auntie Nyakwar, whose unfiltered language on TikTok garnered viral attention for discussing taboo topics, has recently shed light on her romantic life.

Nyakwar, known for her outspoken nature, has amassed a considerable following due to her candid expressions. She’s gained popularity for her unabashed honesty on TikTok, where she freely shares her thoughts without censorship.

Even during interviews, Nyakwar maintains her unfiltered demeanor, occasionally needing reminders to tailor her language for branding purposes. During a conversation with Obinna, she disclosed her current relationship status: single.

Expressing her desire for companionship, the 36-year-old emphasized her quest for genuine love. However, she outlined specific criteria for her ideal partner. Nyakwar stated her preference for a man aged 50 or older, with a slender physique capable of satisfying her in bed. She emphasized a disdain for overweight partners and prioritized wealth, asserting her unwillingness to endure financial struggles.

Her sentiments reflect a broader trend among Kenyan women, many of whom prioritize relationships with affluent men over personal financial success. This societal norm, perpetuated by traditional gender roles, often undermines the potential for mutually fulfilling partnerships.