Wanja Kihii: I don't fear Karen Nyamu, I want to Marry Samidoh -

Wanja Kihii: I don’t fear Karen Nyamu, I want to Marry Samidoh

Meet Wanja Kihii, a name that has recently gained prominence as one of the most uproarious content creators and self-proclaimed rappers in the digital realm. Her rise to online stardom occurred just a month ago, in August 2023, when she dropped a fiery diss track aimed squarely at Kenya’s top musicians.

This diss track set the internet ablaze, propelling Wanja Kihii into the spotlight and dominating Twitter trends for a significant period. Subsequently, her alleged romantic involvement with Stevo Simple Boy added fuel to the fame fire. While some initially perceived this as clout-chasing, many Kenyans found themselves becoming acquainted with her intriguing persona.

In an interview conducted by Jeff Kuria in her native Gikuyu language, Wanja Kihii chose to divulge her deep admiration for Samidoh. She openly confessed that Samidoh is the man of her dreams, and she’s even prepared to become his third wife.

With unwavering determination, Wanja Kihii declared that she harbors no apprehensions about Karen Nyamu and is fully prepared to embrace the role of a co-wife, solely because Samidoh holds a special place in her heart. To solidify her affection, she took it upon herself to craft a profoundly heartfelt song dedicated to Samidoh, artfully composed in the Gikuyu language. This melodious tribute encapsulated her enduring love and long-standing infatuation with the talented musician.