“Nilichoma”: Flaqo’s ex unhappy, regrets leaving him before fame and money, “Sai ningekuwa Dubai,”

Anne Tracy now deeply regrets the moment she allowed Flaqo to permanently exit her life. The mother of one recently decided to take a trip down memory lane by sharing some nostalgic photos of her and the popular content creator.

These photos vividly illustrate the stark contrast between their past and present lifestyles, showcasing what could aptly be described as “before ‘neno'” and “after ‘neno.'” Anne Tracy captioned the collection of photos, which had been compiled into a short video clip, with a simple “Weh” and tagged Flaqo.

In her Instagram stories, she went on to reflect, “Another throwback with someone who I once thought was the love of my life.” Her reminiscence caught the attention of a prominent blog site, and Tracy didn’t hesitate to respond to their post.

“Ningekuwa Dubai sahi…Lakini niko matesoni nateseka tu,” she replied, hinting at the contrast between her current situation and the possibilities that might have unfolded.

Anne Tracy, as indicated by her profile, works as a beauty therapist and is a mother to a young boy.

Flaqo had previously shared his tumultuous past with an ex-girlfriend, although it remains uncertain if he was referring to Anne Tracy in his revelations. According to him, the woman in question ended their relationship due to his financial struggles.

However, just a few months after this embarrassing breakup, one of Flaqo’s comic videos went viral, marking the turning point in his career. It was at this juncture that his ex-partner began to show interest in him once again.

Flaqo disclosed, “She threw my clothes outside, and it was so embarrassing considering we had been together for years. To show my gratitude for her past support, I sent her Sh100,000 so that I wouldn’t feel like I owed her anything. Nowadays, she texts me, ‘Hi handsome.’ Haha, how did I suddenly become handsome?” This revelation was made by Flaqo back in 2020.