“Tafuta Kanisa Ingine ama uede kwa Wachawi”, Pastor Ng’ang’a blasts believer for giving him Ksh 500 tithe.

The controversial city preacher, Pastor James Ng’ang’a, has once again sparked a heated debate by critiquing a devout follower who offered a mere 500 Kenyan shillings while seeking prayers for his family.

A video clip of this incident, widely circulated on social media, captured the leader of Neno Evangelism Centre delivering a sharp rebuke to the believer, deeming the offering inadequate. His disappointment is palpable as he exclaims, “Yesterday, another individual presented me with a mere 500 shillings and asked for prayers for his children and grandchildren. Five hundred shillings? How can I effectively remember them with such a modest amount? Five hundred?”

Pastor Ng’ang’a insists that such a small sum is incapable of making a significant impact, and he advises those who make such meager donations to seek spiritual support elsewhere. He goes on to say, “You can’t even fill your car’s tank with 500 shillings, perhaps it suffices for those with motorcycles. What kind of worship is this? If you expect services for 500 shillings, you might as well visit the witchdoctors in Nairobi who preach about planting seeds.”

In another recent incident, Pastor Ng’ang’a did not hesitate to voice his concerns about the high cost of living in Kenya. During a passionate speech at the Neno Evangelism headquarters in Nairobi, he openly criticized the Kenyan government for what he saw as excessive tax hikes.

In his fiery address, Ng’ang’a left no room for ambiguity, stating, “At times, you mislead this nation. I speak as a prophet. The economy is in disarray, and you continue to burden the people with taxes.” Furthermore, he dared the authorities to close down his church if they so desired, proclaiming, “You raise taxes left and right, and when someone mentions closing churches, why don’t you come and shut mine down! Ridiculous!”

This latest controversy surrounding Pastor Ng’ang’a’s words and actions has once again stirred a storm of public opinion and debate.