Tourists Evacuated From Kenya Maasai Mara Reserve after several hotels, lodges, and camps flooded

Following a breach of the riverbanks in Maasai Mara National Reserve, numerous accommodations for tourists, including hotels, lodges, and camps, succumbed to flooding, prompting the evacuation of hundreds of visitors.

The renowned reserve, located in southern Kenya, is particularly famous for its annual spectacle of the wildebeest migration from the Serengeti in Tanzania.

According to reports from the Kenya Red Cross, 36 individuals were rescued via air transport, with an additional 25 rescued by ground means. Responding to the crisis, the Narok County government mobilized two helicopters to assist in the evacuation efforts across the expansive conservation area.

Since the onset of the rainy season in mid-March, Kenya has faced significant challenges, including flooding, landslides, and infrastructure damage, resulting in the loss of over 170 lives. The Meteorology Department has issued forecasts indicating the likelihood of further rainfall throughout the week.

On a tragic note, a torrential downpour led to the collapse of a congested tunnel in the Mai Mahiu district of western Kenya on Monday. This catastrophic event claimed the lives of 48 individuals, with over 80 others reported missing, while also causing extensive damage to homes and roadways.

In response to the escalating situation, the government has urged residents residing in flood-prone regions to either evacuate voluntarily or be relocated, particularly as water levels in two key hydroelectric dams have reached unprecedented heights.