“Nikichoka Huwa Napumuzika Tu Hapa Kwa Coffin yangu”,Kenyan Lady reveals

Sometimes, the unconventional actions of Kenyans can be quite baffling. In Kenya, where numerous dramatic events unfold amid a challenging economy, the online world serves as an interesting refuge for enthusiasts. A recent viral video circulating widely, especially on platforms like TikTok, has captured the attention of many. The footage showcases a Kenyan woman leisurely enjoying herself within the confines of a coffin.

In the video, she appears completely at ease, engrossed in her phone amidst the unconventional backdrop of a coffin. Her nonchalant demeanor suggests that, for her, this is just a routine or perhaps a daily ritual. The calmness with which she carries herself sharply contrasts with the reactions of onlookers, especially within the Kenyan online community.

For many Kenyans, the act of reclining in a coffin is perceived as highly unusual and carries ominous connotations. Since coffins are traditionally associated with death, a significant number of viewers expressed their disapproval in the comments section, with some even voicing ominous predictions about her fate.

The video portrays the woman engaging in a seemingly mundane activity, casually browsing her phone as if in a leisurely setting. This peculiar behavior, however, is not entirely unprecedented. Another woman had previously undertaken a similar act, explaining that she was promoting her coffin business. This leads to speculation that the recent video might also be a marketing stunt, considering that in reality, many people harbor a deep-seated fear of coffins due to their association with mortality.