” Usidhani Umefika sasa,Utaachwa tu”, Carol Sonnie Comments on Mulamwah wedding with RuthK

Kenyan comedian Mulamwah recently made public his plans for a traditional wedding with RuthK, eliciting diverse reactions. Carol Sonnie, his ex-wife, is skeptical about the sincerity of this union, drawing parallels to her own unsuccessful relationship.

Mulamwah and Carol Sonnie’s highly publicized separation was marked by allegations of infidelity and a public exchange of accusations. Given the turbulent history of Mulamwah’s past relationship, the announcement of his wedding has taken many by surprise, prompting questions about the decision to formalize his relationship with RuthK through a traditional ceremony.

Expressing her concerns on Instagram, Carol Sonnie highlighted the rapid pace of the impending wedding and drew on her own past experiences. Her aim is to shield RuthK from potential heartbreak, given the complexities associated with Mulamwah’s relationships.

While RuthK may be well aware of the challenges that come with dating a public figure, she might have her own reasons for committing to Mulamwah despite public opinion.

The future of Mulamwah and RuthK’s relationship hinges on their dedication and ability to navigate public scrutiny. Only time will unveil whether the wedding is a symbol of enduring commitment or merely a fleeting celebration of love.