“Ni sawa tu”- Raila Says Court of Appeal’s ruling Will Not Be The End.

Court of Appeal upholds decision and declares the BBI process as unconstitutional.

The Appellate judges poked holes into the whole BBI process, accusing its promoters of failing to follow the right procedure.

Justices Daniel Musinga, Roselyn Nambuye, Hannah Okwengu, Patrick Kiage, Gatembu Kairu, Fatuma Sichale and Francis Tuiyott found that the process undermined the doctrine of the basic structure of the Constitution of Kenya 2010.

Commenting on the ruling, ODM Party leader said that despite the court of Appeal throwing out the BBI, it’s proponents will move to next step seeing that it is not yet the end of the road.

It is likely that today’s court of appeal ruling is not the end of the conversation and the parties involved will each make their own decisions on how to proceed from the decision that has been delivered today. But we feel that we have to move on.

He said.