Andrew Kibe Opens up About Feasting Mungai Eve and Bribing His Boyfriend Trevor -

Andrew Kibe Opens up About Feasting Mungai Eve and Bribing His Boyfriend Trevor

YouTuber Andrew Kibe, a figure known for his polarizing content, has once again grabbed headlines due to his controversial statements. Kibe has recently engaged in a series of inflammatory comments, this time targeting Mungai Eve and her partner, director Trevor.

During a live session on his YouTube channel, Andrew Kibe speculated about his potential return to Kenya. Within this discussion, he delved into individuals with whom he holds disagreements and speculated on their potential reactions to his return.

Among these individuals, Mungai Eve and director Trevor have been deeply entangled in a heated feud with Kibe. Mungai Eve took the step of completely cutting ties with Andrew Kibe across all her social media platforms. This action was primarily prompted by Kibe’s consistent pattern of derogatory remarks aimed at both Mungai Eve and her boyfriend, Trevor.

Kibe asserted that Director Trevor and Mungai Eve would likely be among those who would seek an interview with him upon his return. He claimed this based on their prior expressions of readiness to confront Kibe physically upon his arrival in Kenya. According to Kibe, his initial interaction with Mungai Eve’s partner would involve direct eye contact and a request for a physical altercation.

Furthermore, Kibe continued by outlining a scenario in which he believed Trevor would experience unease, and he expressed his intention to offer Trevor some money as a gesture of goodwill before engaging in an intimate interaction with Mungai Eve.

Kibe’s comments were marked by their audacious and inflammatory nature. He made it clear that his statements were not meant in jest, emphasizing his consistent commitment to his words. However, it’s important to note that these events would only transpire if Kibe were to make the decision to return to Kenya. As of now, he remains in the United States with no specified timeline for his return.