22-year-old Girl refuses to marry 52yr-old sugar daddy after spending his millions

A 22-year-old woman named Zainab Abidoye asserts that she turned down a marriage proposal from a suitor due to a significant age gap of approximately 30 years. Having recently graduated from the University of Ilorin in Nigeria, Abidoye revealed that her relationship with the man, identified as Alhaji, initially involved him meeting her needs. However, the situation took a downturn when he began pressuring her for marriage, and she declined.

Sharing her experience on X (formerly Twitter), the UNILORIN graduate recounted the surprising development of receiving a wedding video from Alhaji, now married to another woman. Despite feeling a slight pang of disappointment, she affirmed her lack of regret over her decision, humorously noting the uncanny resemblance between the new wife and herself.

In an additional revelation, Abidoye clarified that her rejection of the marriage proposal was not solely based on the age difference but also stemmed from toxicity and other undisclosed reasons. She emphasized her refusal to become a second wife and underscored that financial generosity from Alhaji wasn’t a sufficient reason for marriage, expressing her lack of readiness for such a commitment.

She further elaborated on her self-reliance and ambition, stating her belief in her ability to achieve financial success in the future. Consequently, she asserted that marrying someone solely for financial security without genuine affection was not in line with her values, leading to her ultimate rejection of the proposal.

Contrary to online commentary suggesting that Alhaji had funded her extravagant lifestyle, Abidoye countered these claims on September 14, 2023, in a tweet. She clarified that her trips abroad were sponsored by her parents, expressing gratitude for their unwavering support and faith in her endeavors.