Ngesh Kaveve Kazoze: Why We Have Earned Nothing From Kaveve Kazoze Hitsong.

Spider Clan, under the leadership of Ngesh Kaveve Kazoze, has recently unveiled the underlying challenges they face, despite the massive success of their hit song, which garnered over 4.9 million views on YouTube.

The emergence of the Kaveve Kazoze song catapulted Spider Clan to national fame, securing them numerous performance opportunities. However, reports suggest that despite their popularity, they were grossly underpaid for their appearances.

During the song’s peak in 2023, Kaveve Kazoze became a household name, attracting the attention of brands and even influential politicians who promised support. Unfortunately, these promises remain unfulfilled to this day.

Despite the substantial viewership of their hit song on YouTube, Spider Clan has not earned any revenue directly from it. They entrusted the monetization rights to a company named Dapstream, which has yet to disburse any royalties to the group.

In light of these challenges, Spider Clan seeks assistance and support from the Kenyan community. They appeal for continued viewership of their songs on platforms like YouTube and hope for opportunities to showcase their talent through brand collaborations and performance engagements.