“Ujinga, Nimechanuka sasa”: Stoopid Boy To Dr. Ofweneke’s Claims He Wanted Money For An Interview

Stoopid Boy, the Arbantone singer, recently addressed Dr. Ofweneke’s remarks regarding a proposed interview on TV 47, where he allegedly demanded payment.

In a widely circulated video clip, the G Bag JAT artist asserted his status as an established singer, emphasizing the importance of compensation prior to participating in any interview.

Stoopid Boy highlighted the financial challenges many artists face, noting that despite their popularity, they often struggle financially. He expressed frustration with media personalities who extend interview invitations without offering any form of financial support, including transportation expenses.

He stated, “Many artists are trending but still face disrespect. That’s why I made it clear that you must understand my circumstances before inviting me for your nonsense. I won’t compromise on this stance. Where my music has brought me, you can’t dictate terms to me. I don’t play that game.”

Referring to past experiences where he attended interviews without compensation, Stoopid Boy asserted that he now refuses to participate in such arrangements. He emphasized the importance of financial compensation, drawing a parallel with the practice of providing sitting allowances to members of the dancing crew Wakadinali before events.

He firmly stated, “Engaging in conversation with you is significant, but it must come with compensation. An interview without payment is non-negotiable. That’s a deal-breaker.”

Stoopid Boy’s response was prompted by Dr. Ofweneke’s recent on-air comments regarding the cancellation of the TV interview. Dr. Ofweneke suggested that while Stoopid Boy may seek music promotion in the future, he would remember the incident and may reconsider providing assistance.

Stoopid Boy’s stance underscores the importance of recognizing artists’ financial needs and respecting their value when engaging them for interviews or promotional activities.