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Ngesh Kaveve Kazoze: Sitaki Chali Handsome! Nataka Kienyeji Kama Mimi tujijenge Pamoja

The rising star of the Gengetone genre, Ngesh Kaveve Kazoze, has recently grabbed attention by openly revealing her pricing details and shedding light on her relationship status. Ngesh gained widespread acclaim after her hit track, “Rieng Genje,” went viral on TikTok, resonating with Kenyan audiences.

In her debut appearance on national television, Ngesh had a candid conversation with Dr. Ofweneke. During the interview, she disclosed that despite being from Naivasha, she has been actively working as a street vendor in Nairobi for the past two months.

Regarding her personal life, Ngesh shared that she is currently unattached and actively searching for her ideal partner. She stressed that physical appearance is not a top priority, expressing a preference for a man of average height. Ngesh is genuinely seeking a committed relationship and is eager to settle down with someone who values her seriously.

With expectations of increased performance opportunities following the viral success of her song, especially in clubs nationwide, Ngesh is ready to captivate audiences with her infectious vibe.

Dr. Ofweneke also delved into Ngesh’s professional side, asking about her performance fee. Without hesitation, she confidently stated that her current rate is Ksh. 300,000 for shows, whether in clubs or any other venue. Justifying the amount, Ngesh asserted that many promoters are willing to invest in her talent, and she, along with her crew, Spider Clan, is committed to delivering unforgettable performances.