Kenyas Azimio party backs doctors strike,says state is neglecting health sector

Azimio leaders have leveled accusations against the government, alleging negligence towards the healthcare sector amidst the ongoing nationwide doctors’ strike, which they assert is severely impacting the populace.

Kalonzo Musyoka, leader of the Wiper party, alongside Eugene Wamalwa from the Democratic Action Party of Kenya, voiced their support for the doctors and called upon the government to swiftly address their concerns. They condemned the government’s handling of the situation as unacceptable.

Kalonzo criticized President William Ruto’s administration for the delay in deploying intern doctors to enhance healthcare services in hospitals. “It is incredulous to claim a lack of funds, especially when Sh4 billion could be allocated to employing much-needed doctors in our hospitals to ensure adequate healthcare services,” Kalonzo emphasized.

Furthermore, he highlighted the plight of countless Kenyans suffering due to the absence of medical attention amid the ongoing strike. Wamalwa echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the investment of six years in doctor training and the subsequent discrimination they face when it comes to their rightful compensation. “At present, healthcare services are severely compromised, necessitating the urgent return of doctors to hospitals,” Wamalwa stressed.

The leaders issued a warning to President Ruto, signaling potential upcoming protests against what they perceive as burdensome taxes disproportionately affecting Kenyans.

Speaking in Nyamira during the inauguration of the Wiper party’s county office, the Azimio leaders denounced the punitive taxation system, attributing it to detrimental economic consequences. Kalonzo accused the Kenya Kwanza administration of actively undermining the economy, citing the heavy tax burden imposed on ordinary citizens.

Accompanying Kalonzo and Wamalwa were prominent figures such as Matungulu MP Stephen Mule, Embakasi South MP Anne Magwathe, and Kitui Woman Rep Irene Kasalwa.

Despite opposition leader Raila Odinga’s potential appointment to the African Union Commission, the politicians affirmed Azimio’s resilience. They assured their constituents of their steadfastness, asserting their determination to contest the presidency in 2027 and limit Ruto’s tenure to a single term. “While Raila assumes a pan-African role, we remain committed to our cause, poised to challenge for the presidency in 2027, and ensure Ruto serves only one term,” Wamalwa affirmed.