“She’s Mean, She’s Toxic”: Netizens React After Jackie Matubia Addressed Auudi Rowa

The relentless scrutiny against internet personality and actress Jackie Matubia refuses to relent, especially after her recent comments addressing the conflict with fellow actress Auudi Rowa.

During an interview where she addressed the allegations, Jackie depicted Auudi’s actions as attempts to drag her down. Drawing parallels with the biblical tale of Jesus’ betrayal by Judas, Jackie implied that betrayal was not a distant possibility for her.

These statements sparked a flurry of reactions from Netizens, with many accusing her of exuding “mean girl” vibes and criticized her for not directly addressing the issue at hand.

Some comments expressed sentiments like, “She’s speaking volumes without really saying anything. She gives off mean girl vibes,” or “It’s emitting toxic vibes. I used to admire Jackie, but now I can’t stand her.” Others remarked, “Hmm! She’s definitely giving off mean girl vibes. Talks a lot but says nothing,” and “Now I see why she’s no longer friends with Chebby. She’s mean and toxic, truth be told. Even her friends must go through a lot with her.”

Auudi Rowa had previously taken to social media, claiming that Jackie labeled her as bitter and insecure after she requested proper credits for Jackie’s show and alleged that Jackie failed to compensate them for their work.

Jackie’s show, “Toxic,” has garnered a significant following on her YouTube channel, with many viewers expressing their enjoyment. Auudi continued to criticize Jackie, suggesting that the name “Toxic” was apt for both the show and its creator.