Mulamwah’s wife Ruth K reveals why she took a social media break

Renowned Kenyan YouTuber Ruth K recently shared with her audience the reason behind her hiatus from social media. Speaking candidly on her YouTube channel, she disclosed that her trip to Kitale to visit her in-laws was the primary cause of her temporary absence from the online sphere.

Despite her break, Ruth K, a dedicated mother, reassured her followers of her ongoing creative endeavors, promising a plethora of upcoming videos. Expressing gratitude for the unwavering support of her fans and their concern during her absence, Ruth K conveyed her appreciation while relishing the tranquility of Kitale, a welcome respite from the urban hustle.

In a light-hearted manner, she reminisced about the flood of messages from her followers, affectionately referred to as “bestie,” expressing both their concern and excitement upon her return. Acknowledging her fans’ requests for Kitale vlogs, she humorously attributed her weight gain during the trip to the abundant hospitality of her in-laws.

Ruth K’s personal life has also captured the attention of her audience, particularly her relationship with Mulamwah, a prominent Kenyan comedian and radio presenter, and the birth of their son, Oyando Jr. Her openness about her life experiences, coupled with her humor, has only deepened her connection with her fans.

Now back on social media, Ruth K is eager to re-engage with her audience, bringing them fresh and captivating content. Her journey serves as a reminder of the significance of taking breaks, cherishing family time, and finding joy in life’s simpler moments. Through her experiences, Ruth K continues to inspire and entertain her followers, showcasing the value of slowing down amidst the rapid pace of social media.